Remove, Reset and Disable or Unlock Passcode locked iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices with iCloud


  1. Remotely Unlock a Locked iPad with iCloud

If Apple locks your device due to security reasons, you must understand that it is not going to be a child’s play to get access or restore the device. Several users do come across such conditions when they find their iOS devices locked and they are now no longer able to access data files on their device.

Although iCloud doesn’t offer any dedicated feature to allow the users to unlock their iPad, however there are some useful and effective techniques that you can use to unlock a locked iPad through iCloud settings. iCloud’s Find my Device and backup services are two key features that you can use to get your device back to its original condition. For a better and quicker understanding over the procedures to unlock your iPad remotely, you should visit learn how to unlock iCloud locked iPad air or how to lock iPad for iCloud backup.

And thus the process completes in this way. Keep in mind, your iPad should be connected to the data network or Wi-Fi connection during the entire procedure. In addition, you should also be ready to face any unfortunate event if anything goes wrong dial toll free helpline number for Apple password recovery and reset page for iPad iCloud lock removal service.

Intelli Atlas is one among very few certified third-party technical support service providers that offer trustworthy services to every technical problem with your Apple device. It has a set of proven techniques used by experienced technicians – simply select the service provider for all types of technical issue with your iOS or Mac devices. Read more at

  1. How to unlock iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices?

Forgot your passcode? You would be thinking that you have lost your device – fortunately, you are wrong! There are some pretty steps that you can use to unlock your iOS devices, like iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Though you will probably disheartened to know that Apple doesn’t have any direct option that you can use to unlock your iOS device in a single tap – you will have to go through some technical help procedures if you have forgot your Apple ID passcode.

You can also visit help and support if you forgot iPad passcode or learn how to unlock disabled iPad. If not, then select an independent tech support service provider who can help you get an instant solution in a real time.

Unless you created a backup copy of your data files before you forgot iPad passcode, you will no longer be able to retain your data files or save the data files on your device. Here, no one can help you to get your data back in case of no backup available with you, as the procedures applied while unlocking the device.

Here are three methods that you will have to go through:

  • iTunes method – if you have synced your device with iTunes
  • iCloud methods – if you are singed in iCloud and Find my Device is activated
  • Recover mode method – it is used when you have not synced your device with iTunes and you don’t use iCloud service

There may be some sorts of issues while you process these steps, as it is all about resetting your iOS device to its factory settings. It is always required to be in touch with experts who can offer you a reliable technical help. Dial Apple iPad support phone number to learn how to reset iPad to factory settings and access a trustworthy service.


  1. How to Remove Disabled & Reset Passcode locked iPad & iPhone

If you have forgot your passcode on iOS device – iPhone, iPad, or iPod – or you are unable to access iTunes, there is a possibility that you might have entered wrong passcode for six times in a row. Apple, for the sake of the security of your Apple device, locks the device if it feels unauthorized access is being tried out continuously.

In such unfortunate conditions, Apple offers some steps that you can apply to restore your Apple ID credentials with increased safety. But there is a concern – you may lose your data files if you could not create a backup of your data files before your iOS device was locked. As the Apple support help page clarifies, there is no way to recall your data files if you don’t have backup.

For a better and more secure restoration process, it is necessary to have an instant access to a reliable tech support service provider. Select a particular one you believe in and get your passcode credentials restored.

Until then, you can visit iOS passcode recovery site to recover iPad passcode without restore. Some of the support service providers do offer useful tutorials and information over different issues related to resetting your forgotten Apple ID passcode for iOS. Read more at

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800-961-1963-How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud Backup on Mac or PC?


800-961-1963-How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud Backup on Mac or PC?

How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud Backup on Mac or PC? Call Apple support number for help on iCloud backup login and get support on how to download iCloud backup to Mac.

800-961-1963-Find Ways to Access & Recover iCloud Password, Recover Deleted Files and Photos on Mac


  1. 2 Ways to Recover iCloud Password

Since its inception, iCloud has been a great way to have access to your individual music, photos, videos, contacts, and documents via iPhone, iPad, iPod, irrespective of the location and time restrictions. Moreover, iCloud lets you share files, sync them, and take their backup easily. To do so, the only thing that you need to do is to learn your iCloud account by heart. It is also likely that you may forget your iCloud password. If something like this happens, then the best thing you can do is to know how to recover iCloud password. Interestingly, you can do it effectively by getting connected to an Apple support page that leads you in the right direction. Just visit page recovery for Apple iCloud for help to recover icloud password without email.

Recovering iCloud password (only forgot password)

  • First of all what you need to do to make things happen is to open Apple official site to recover iCloud password with the help of a web browser on your computer.
  • Then, move to the next segment and enter your Apple ID and click next. Remember: Your Apple ID is the email account you have used in order to sign up Apple ID.
  • Select Email authentication or respond to security questions.
  • After this, Apple will deliver a link to you for resetting your password. Tap on this link to unlock the reset password window. Then, you need to enter a new password.

If these steps don’t assist you recover the password, then you can dial Apple support phone number to recover icloud password from ipad without any hassles. Read more at

  1. 3 Simple Ways to Access iCloud

The most used cloud platform iCloud lets you store all files in central location without having any issue of space requirement in your device. Being an Apple user, you need to be smart and know how to use and have an access to your iCloud account. If you are relatively new to iCloud and have no idea what to do, then an Apple help page can guide you in the right direction so that you can easily access iCloud. You can also visit help page for Apple icloud login to get support on icloud login or icloud download to get better and instant results. Following are three simple ways to have instant access to iCloud.

Method 1: Access iCloud via

When it comes to accessing your iCloud account, abide by the following simple steps:

  • First of all what you need to do is to login to
  • Then, use your iCloud login credentials to have a safe access to your iCloud account.
  • New users need to create a new ID and password by entering your email and answering some listed questions.
  • Then, enter all details on the iCloud website.
  • After signing in, view your saved files and explore all details.
  • As there is no way to access the iCloud site from your iPhone or iPad, choose to view the desktop site of iCloud and abide by the same steps to gain access.

In case, you have any sort of issue with iCloud access, simply dial Apple help phone number for support on icloud drive or icloud backup for better results. With these steps, you can easily access iCloud backup files.


  1. How to Recover Deleted Files and Photos on Mac

Sometimes, you may lose you iPhone or your valuable data in the form of corrupted photo. In this worst situation, backup of photos in iCloud matter the most as it opens the way for retrieving them via iCloud Backup on Mac or PC. Basically, there are two ways that you can use in order to retrieve photos from iCloud backup file. If you are one who luckily has an iCloud data backup, then an Apple technical support page make things happen in your case. In such a situation, the best thing that you can do is to visit page for Apple technical support to download icloud backup to Mac or download icloud backup to PC.

Selectively Recover Photos from iCloud on Mac or PC

People with lost iPhones or damaged iOS devices need to abide by the following steps as they directly retrieve photos from iCloud backup file to computer. Interestingly, this way is quite convenient, safe, easy and fast. Steps within the process include:

  • First of all, what you need to do is to install iPhone Data Recovery tool in Windows and Mac versions that are available for iOS 9 devices’ backup files.
  • After this, you are supposed to sign in and download iCloud backup file to get all iCloud files displayed on screen.
  • Then, you can easily retrieve photos from iCloud by scanning the iCloud backup file.


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